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The Prism PC


The Prism PC brings a clean unique look to your PC gaming experince.  Whether your killing Zombies in CoD, or growing the perfect Life Fruit - The Prism can handle it.  Want some extra FPS & RGB for your perfect Life Fruit, we offer the Prism in a premium package.


The Prism PC Base specs: 

   - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5500

   - GPU: Nvidia GTX 1660 6GB

   - Motherboard: B450m

   - Cooler: Stock

   - RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200

   - Storage: 512 GB NVMe

   - PSU: 500w 80+

   - WiFi & Bluetooth


The Prism PC Premium specs: 

   - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 7600X

   - GPU: Nvidia RTX 4060 8GB

   - Motherboard: B650m

   - Cooler: 120X Assassin

   - RAM: 32GB DDR5 6000

   - Storage: 2TB NVMe Gen4

   - PSU: 600w 80+

   - WiFi & Bluetooth

   - RGB 24-Pin Cable


Extras: 5 RGB fans, button controlled on top panel. Windows 11 Pro, activated, installed and updated.

The Prism PC

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