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"I was looking to upgrade my 10 year old laptop that I started using for my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) when it couldn't handle the software plugins I wanted to use. Talking with John about my predicament, he said that he could build me a PC that could run Studio One and anything else I wanted to use. After doing some Audio Workstation research, I forwarded him some specs and must haves. All I can say is WOW! Not only did John build me everything I asked for but this thing is a Workhorse! I don't even come close to spiking my CPU even with almost 100 tracks, many with virtual instruments and CPU hungry plugins like reverbs and amp emulators. I am very happy with the level of knowledge, skill, and customer service that BA Gaming Rigs provides. I highly recommend their expertise to anyone looking at investing in a new PC at an unbeatable price."


"Love this place! These guys know what they're doing creating quality builds at a huge variety of budgets. It's obvious talking to them they love building computers and helping folks get one that will be the best fit for the application."


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